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Authentic, intricate and fabulous.

SAIGA creates authentic, intricate and fabulous artifact gift items by fusing modern design and traditional art crafts that evolved in Kaga in the north western part of Japan.


In the 17th century, a highly refined culture encompassing food, clothing and housing, i.e. all necessities of life, known as Kaga culture, blossomed in the north western part of Japan with the patronization of the daimyo feudal lord of Maeda Domain.

In particular, porcelain and maki-e, Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder for decoration, are treasured traditional art crafts.

Kutani-yaki ware, a fine textured white translucent bodied porcelain ware decorated with underglaze enamels of vivid colors and given a final clear over-glaze by firing at 1,300 degrees ℃ for 15 hours, is particularly known for the vivid colored luxurious and spectacular designs.

Kaga maki-e and porcelain, decorated with ravish use of gold and silver, were highly praised at the Vienna World Exposition held in the 19th century.



At SAIGA, craftsmen skilled in Kutani-yaki and maki-e create accessories, stationery, golf ball makers and other items. Each item is painstakingly crafted by hand.

You will appreciate the luster and texture only authentic artifacts can deliver that are clearly distinguishable from mass produced items.

SAIGA for sports

SAIGA golf ball markers feature over 200 different designs created by 8 Kutani-yaki artists. Each item is handcrafted one by one.

In addition, a rare metal called neodymium magnet is used. These ball makers are highly waterproof and corrosion resistant.

SAIGA has received many awards from Komatsu City, Ishikawa prefecture and many other municipalities and organizations.



Syuhei Koshita
越田 秀平

Kazuyoshi Kitamura
北村 和義

Seito Tamura
田村 星都

Kazuka Asakura
浅蔵 一華

Kingyoku Nakata
仲田 錦玉

Kunimori Yamanaka
山中 國盛

Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
山口 義博

Takayuki Hasegawa
糠川 孝之

Kaga maki-e

Kinuyo Hariya
針谷 絹代

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